Price Increase on Autodesk Subscriptions and Industry Collections with Multi-User Access

At Autodesk, we are constantly working to deliver customers the most powerful, industry-leading software at fair prices. In order to maintain this level of value, we occasionally need to adjust suggested retail prices.*  

Beginning March 27, 2019 Autodesk is making the following price changes: 

  • Approximately 2.5% price increase on SRP for most subscriptions  
  • Approximately 10% price increase on SRP for industry collections with multi-user access 

These changes will affect: 

  • Customers who subscribe to most products – See link below for product exclusion details 
  • Customers who subscribe to an industry collection with multi-user access 

These changes will not affect:  

  • Customers on maintenance plans   
  • Customers who have switched from maintenance to subscription at a special price 

After March 27, existing customers will renew at the new prices and new customers will subscribe at the new prices.  

For more information, please contact us.