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Global eTraining is an award-winner with the largest library of Autodesk courses including AutoCAD, Revit, Civil, Inventor, Vault, Plant, Navisworks, 3ds Max,Fusion 360. Global eTraining is a Canadian-based provider of interactive online training solutions with over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional computer-based learning. We are a strategic training partner to some of the world’s largest and most diverse multinational design, construction and software organizations, government bodies and educational institutions, and the global leader in designing training for the 21st Century.

Learn and Master today’s most popular Autodesk Software. GeT a one year subscription access now to all the courses available in our Autodesk Library. Includes versions 2018,2017, 2016.

Learning Styles and Features Through Text, Audio, Demonstrations, Exercises, and Videos

It’s one thing to know that simply sticking to videos online doesn’t result in effective learning or high retention rates. It’s another to create online training that’s markedly more effective. GeT Interactive is the multi-modal eTraining design and methodology that helps users learn skills faster, retain knowledge longer and apply it to real world projects better. It is built on 25 years of experience delivering effective computer-based training, and is recognized by the education industry as a leader in its field.

Global eTraining’s interactive course training reaches students with varied learning styles through text, audio, demonstrations, exercises, and videos, engaging all the senses and anchoring learning with action. GeT courseware integrates all of these because 61% of learners require a combination of learning styles to learn best, while only 17% benefit from any single style.




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 Gas Liquids Engineering (GLE) Calgary, Canada

Learn AutoDeskRevit2016 (BIM – Architecture, Building, Engineering).  Total 258 hours, Priced at less than RM9.00 per hour (Pay RM2,300).

  1. Revit Architecture Complete Guide (55 hours)
  2. Revit Advanced Concepts Complete Guide (20 hours)
  3. Revit Structure Complete Guide (30 hours)
  4. Revit MEP Complete Guide (30 hours)
  5. Revit Families Complete Guide (6 hours)
  6. AutoCAD MEP Complete Guide (35 hours)
  7. Fabrication CADmep Beginner/Intermediate (20 hours)
  8. AutoCAD Architecture Complete Guide (25 hours)
  9. Advance Steel Basic course (10 hours)
  10. Dynamo (12 hours)
  11. Showcase Complete Guide (15 hours)

LearnVault(Data Management).  Total 51 hours, less than RM46.00 per hour (Pay RM2,300).

  1. Vault Basic Complete Guide (10 hours)
  2. Vault Professional Complete Guide (25 hours)
  3. Vault Workgroup Complete Guide (16 hours)

LearnPlantDesign, Piping.  Total 135 hours, less than RM18.00 per hour (Pay RM2,300).

  1. AutoCAD Plant 3D Complete Course (35 hours)
  2. AutoCAD P&ID Complete Course (40 hours)
  3. AutoCAD Electrical Complete Guide (30 hours)
  4. Advanced Steel Basic Course (10 hours)
  5. Fabrication CADmep Beginner/Intermediate (20 hours)

Learn 3D Modelling and Animation.  Total 110 hours, less than RM21.00 per hour (Pay RM2,300).

  1. 3ds Max Complete Guide (60  hours)
  2. Maya Modelling (25 hours)
  3. Maya Animation (25 hours)

Learn AutoDeskCivil2016 (Civil and Infrastructure).  Total 152 hours, Priced at less than RM16.00 per hour (Pay RM2,300).

  1. Civil 3D Complete Guide (50 hours)
  2. Civil 3D Advanced Concepts Complete Guide (16 hours)
  3. Infraworks 360 Complete Guide (18 hours)
  4. Infraworks LT 360 Complete Guide (18 hours)
  5. AutoCAD Map 3D Complete Guide (35 hours)
  6. Showcase Complete Guide (15 hours)

Learn AutoDeskInventor2016 (Mechanical, Manufacturing).  Total 226 hours, less than RM11.00 per hour (Pay RM2,300).

  1. Inventor 2016 Complete Guide (55 hours)
  2. Inventor Professional Complete Guide (75 hours)
  3. Inventor illogic Complete Guide (6 hours)
  4. Modelling with Fusion 360 Complete Guide (20 hours)
  5. Simulation Mechanical Complete Guide (20 hours)
  6. AutoCAD Mechanical Complete Guide (20 hours)
  7. AutoCAD Electrical Complete Guide (30 hours)

LearnNavisworks(Project Review).  Total 85 hours, less than RM28.00 per hour (Pay RM2,300).

  1. Navisworks Complete Guide (30 hours)
  2. Navisworks Manage Complete Guide (30 hours)
  3. Navisworks Simulate Complete Guide (25 hours)

LearnAutoCAD. Total 195 hours less than RM12.00 per hour (Pay RM2,300).

  1. AutoCAD 2D Drafting and Annotation Completer Guide (55 hours)
  2. AutoCAD Advanced Complete Guide (40 hours)
  3. AutoCAD 3D Complete Guide (50 hours)
  4. AutoCAD LT Complete Guide (50 hours)

Combine your industry training above with Navisworks, Vault, and 3DS Max and you will be the most sought after person in the industry.ALL the above Autodesk training courses (AutoDesk library) can be delivered to you for a price of RM2,300.00 a year on GlobaleTraining GeT interactive on-line cloud based training.  GeT is HRDF claimable!

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