Autodesk License Compliance over use notice letter


Q: I received an email or letter about using software licenses on more devices than I am allowed. Why did I receive this communication?

A: Autodesk monitors software license usage on an ongoing basis, and contacts customers who may not be in compliance with our Terms of Use. If you received this email, our records indicate you are using the license on more devices than your entitlement allows.

Q: What do I do if I received an email about exceeding my Autodesk software entitlements?

A: You may either purchase additional subscription(s) equal to the number of additional devices, or contact Autodesk for more information. Please follow the instructions in the email to avoid further notifications.

Q: Can I dispute Autodesk’s findings?

A: If you believe you are in compliance with your applicable license terms (which can be found at Autodesk’s Terms of Use website), we can conduct an additional Software Audit that scans your network and all of your computers to detect and verify invalid licenses. This would make it possible for us to identify which machines the software is running on. If you need additional help to resolve this matter, please email us at

Q: I received an email notifying me that I am using multiple versions of Autodesk software – the latest version I purchased, plus a previous version. I thought I was allowed to use previous versions. What changed?

A: Upon expiration of a maintenance plan, you can only use one activated version of the software and must uninstall any other version(s) of the software to comply with your applicable license terms.

Q: What do I do if I received an email about the unauthorized use of multiple versions of Autodesk software?

A: You may purchase a 1 year or more subscription to continue to be able to use multiple versions of the software. Please follow the instructions in the email to avoid further notifications.

Q: In the email I received regarding an Autodesk Software License Review there was a link to purchase via the Autodesk store. I would, however, prefer to purchase via my reseller. Will a purchase via my reseller resolve this matter?

A: A purchase with your preferred reseller will resolve this matter. Once the purchase has been completed kindly provide Autodesk with the serial numbers of your new subscription(s). Kindly send this to

The above information is extracted from Autodesk website.


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