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Back to Basic 3D Modeling Inventor Pro

In this free hands on workshop you will learn how to do 3D modeling using Autodesk Inventor Professional.

Inventor® CAD software provides professional-grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools.

This workshop is suitable for beginners to regular users who would like to explore more features.

RSVP is compulsory as seats are limited.

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What can Inventor Professional do?

Product design

Shape Generator – Create and evaluate high-performing design options in minutes.

Parametric modeling – Focus on design as you create and edit your 3D models with an intuitive user interface.

Assembly modeling – See how your design will go together and perform at the assembly level.

Drawing creation – Quickly create clear, accurate, detailed drawings for manufacturing.

Collaboration and design automation

Shared view collaboration – Collaborate on your models or designs online. Anyone can review and comment on shared views in the Autodesk viewer.

Work with non-native data – Maintain an associative link to non-native CAD data.

Automated frame design – Quickly design and test structural frames.

Design automation – Enable rapid assembly reconfigurations powered by iLogic.


Sheet metal – Design and prepare complex sheet metal products for manufacturing.

Model-based definition – Include manufacturing information in your 3D model for downstream applications.

Content center – Choose your standard components from a comprehensive customizable library.

BIM interoperability – Convert configurable 3D CAD models into BIM objects.


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