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Annotating in AutoCAD Webinar

Join our Annotating in AutoCAD Webinar and learn new AutoCAD tips and tricks and have your questions answered by Autodesk Experts at this Build Your AutoCAD Knowledge webinar series. You only need to register once to automatically enroll for the entire webinar series.

• 19 April 2018: One AutoCAD & What’s New in 2019
• 17 May 2018: Introduction to drafting with precision
• 19 July 2018: Annotating in AutoCAD
• 20 September 2018: Layouts, Printing, Plotting in AutoCAD
• 22 November 2018: Hatches and Scailing in AutoCAD
• 21 January 2018: Working with Texts, Dimensions & Styles

Completed topics:
• 17 November 2016: AutoCAD Tips and Tricks
• 12 January 2017: AutoCAD Back to Basics
• 23 February 2017: Beyond the Basics – Working with Linetypes in AutoCAD 2017
• 20 April 2017: What’s New in AutoCAD 2018? (Part 1)
• 18 May 2017: What’s New in AutoCAD 2018? (Part 2)
• 20 July 2017: Back to Basic: Working with Dimensions in AutoCAD 2018
• 28 September 2017: Back to Basics – Best practices to avoid drawing corruption
• 23 November 2017: Back to Basics – Tips & Tricks: Troubleshooting AutoCAD Products
• 25 January 2018: Back to Basics – Working with Layers

You can watch the recordings of the above sessions from this Autodesk link,


In the upcoming AutoCAD Webinar, we’ll show you 2019 new features that will increase your productivity and help you work smarter!
We’ll discuss user interface tips, editing commands to speed up productivity, keyboard shortcuts and some more advanced tools to help you use AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT more productively.

Acad Training Scheduled for January to April 2019

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