Acad Systems is a Gold Partner of Autodesk


Authorized Training & Certification Centre

We provide CAD design software and training  to customers with AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor as our core solution.

Our customers base range from the Architectural, Engineering, and Constructions industry to Mechanical design in manufacturing, and Plant Design in Oil and Gas.

At ACAD Systems we believe that bringing great things in life begins with bringing opportunity to those who have a vision, energy and confidence to pursue it. We are a company that encourages

the potential in each individual and enhances it. Together we are the sparks that will light the way to a better tomorrow. Currently, we are hiring the following positions:


Product Manager (Global eTraining)


  • Identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience and drive growth
  • Create buy-in for the product vision both internally and with key external partners
  • Develop product pricing and positioning strategies
  • Translate product strategy into detailed requirements
  • Drive product launches and marketing campaigns
  • Ability to build sales funnel and accurately project sales and deliver sales to meet targets


  • A degree or diploma.
  • Two to four years of similiar or related experience
  • Possess own transportation.

Sales Executives


  • Developing the market for our Mechanical or AEC software solution.
  • Understanding customer’s business.
  • Ability to present on the benefits and advantages of using our system.
  • Ability to propose the best mix of hardware and software to meet the customer’s requirement.
  • Successfully closing the deal.
  • Ensuring that the customer’s requirement is fulfilled after delivery, installation, commissioning and training.
  • Monitoring future requirements of the customer.


  • A degree or diploma.
  • One to two years of business development experience in one of the following
  1.      Mechanical Design Architectural Engineering Construction
  2.      Civil Design
  3.      Chemical and Processes
  • Possess own transportation.
  • Internship positions are available if you do not meet the minimum requirements.

CAD Engineers


  • Working closely with the Sales Executives.
  • Understanding customer’s issues and providing assistance in resolving them.
  • Ability to demonstrate the benefits and advantages of using our system.
  • Training customers on the application of the software solutions.
  • Assisting customers on issues related to the software application.
  • Mastering the application of the software.


  • A degree in one of the following:
    1. Mechanical Engineering
    2. Architectural
    3. Civil Engineering
    4. Chemical Engineering
  • One to two years experience in one of the following:Possess own transportation.
    1. Mechanical Design, CAD/CAM/CAE
    2. Architectural Engineering Construction
    3. Civil Design
    4. Chemical and Processes

Internship positions are available if you do not meet the minimum requirements

Internship positions (BDE and CE)

Please send us your resume and cover letter to We would like to hear from you.

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