Autodesk Trade in Promotion May to October 2019

Customers can save up to 20% on the Autodesk Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for trading in old and expired perpetual license software. Submit qualifying associated seats of release year 1998 through 2019 perpetual licenses not on an active maintenance plan (any attached maintenance plan must have expired on or before April 30, 2019 for the perpetual license to be eligible for this offer).

Products includes AutoCAD, AEC Collection, Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, Civil 3D, Revit, Inventor, 3ds Max and more.

** Best value : AutoCAD LT trade in to AutoCAD 2020 Full Pack 

A valid, eligible serial number must accompany each corresponding perpetual license submitted.

Serial numbers can be submitted to Acad Systems for verification on eligibility.


Call or email Acad Systems

Kuala Lumpur

603-4270-7703 ask for Mellon, Ms.Teo


604-399-2708 ask for Ms.Goh, Azlina

After the submission, the perpetual license serial number and all corresponding seats will be flagged in the Autodesk system as no longer valid or eligible to be submitted for other offers

If a customer decides not to make a purchase or cancels the purchase, the submission may be retracted by contacting


What is the promotional period?
This offer is available May 7 through October 25, 2019 (dates inclusive).

What term lengths can customers purchase at the discount?
Customers are eligible to submit their perpetual licenses and receive a discount on either a 1- OR a 3-year term subscription.

Are customers required to submit their existing perpetual serial number(s)?
Yes. To receive the discount, customers must submit the eligible perpetual license serial number(s) and no longer use any seats associated to that serial number(s). Once the submission is completed the serial number(s) cannot be traded in or used to achieve a promotion discount a second time.

Can customers continue to use the perpetual license after they purchase the discounted 1- or 3-year subscription?
No. As part of the terms and conditions of this offer, the customer agrees to submit the eligible perpetual license and no longer use any seats associated with that serial number(s).

Is the discount available for both single-user and multi-user subscriptions?
Yes. The offer applies to both single-user and multi-user subscriptions. Additionally, the deployment of the submitted license does not need to be the same as the deployment of the subscription purchased. For example, a customer may submit a single-user AutoCAD serial number and purchase a multi-user AutoCAD or any other eligible product, including collections.

Is the discount available for subscription renewals?
No. The offer is for new subscriptions with a perpetual license (not on maintenance)

Can this offer be combined with any other offers?
No. The offer may not be combined with any other discounts, promotions, or other incentives offered by Autodesk unless specified.

If a customer purchases a Media & Entertainment Collection as part of the GFP, are they eligible to participate in the Media & Entertainment with Arnold Bundle?
Yes, if a customer purchases a M&E Collection as part of the GFP, the promotion can be combined with this bundle. Therefore, a customer would be eligible to receive the M&E Collection at the GFP discount and receive 5 subscriptions of Arnold for free. Please note the subscription term length for the Arnold subscriptions must match the term length for the M&E Collection.

Can a customer apply an Extra Territory Rights (ETR) uplift to a subscription they purchased with this offer?
No. Subscriptions purchased through this offer cannot have ETR attached.

Will Autodesk offer the full discount % if the customer is adding to an existing subscription?
Yes, for same-term subscriptions. This promotion offers the full discount percentage** even if the customer is co-terming to match an existing subscription, provided they are the same term length (new 1- or 3-year to existing 1-year or 3-year term).

How many discounted subscriptions may be purchased per serial number?
Customers are eligible to purchase one new 1- or 3- year subscription for each seat associated with the eligible serial number(s) submitted up to a total of 50 seats.

What if customers have multi-packs or multiple seats for one serial number?
Customers are eligible to purchase one discounted subscription for each seat associated with a valid serial number up to 50 seats but can only submit a serial number one time.
Example: A customer has an AutoCAD LT® 2015 5-pack. They are eligible to receive the discount on up to 5 new subscriptions. At the time of submission, they will be trading in all 5 AutoCAD LT® 2015 perpetual licenses, regardless of how many of the discounted new subscriptions they are purchasing.
Exceptions are available for customers who want to purchase fewer new subscriptions and are not willing to submit all licenses associated with the serial number (for instance, in the example above, they may want to submit 3 licenses and keep 2 perpetual licenses). In those select cases, please contact Acad Systems for assistance.