Autodesk Design and Manufacturing Webinar Series

Accelerate Your Design Process with Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection
28th March 2018 – 29th August 2018
Wednesday, 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
1 Hour
The manufacturing landscape is undergoing a massive shift. Consumer demands, the nature of products, and the economics of production and distribution are all evolving.

In the past, Manufacturing is all about producing physical products. Today, however, changes in consumer demand, the nature of products, the economics of production, and the economics of the value chain have led to major shifts in the way goods are designed, produced, and sold. To succeed in this new landscape, manufacturers must find new ways to be productive and effective.

Join us for this webinar series to elevate your skill set from Design to Make.

Date Topic Language
28th Mar Inventor Tips & Tricks English
11th Apr What’s New in Inventor 2019 & PDMC 2019? English
16th May Better Mold Design with Inventor & Moldflow English
23rd May Introduction to Inventor Nesting English
6th Jun Validate Your Thermal Mechanical Design with Nastran In-CAD English
27th Jun Improve Machining time with Autodesk HSM Adaptive Clearing English
11th Jul Consumer Product Design with Autodesk English
25th Jul Manage Your Design Data with Vault English
8th Aug Automate your Design with iLogic for Inventor English
29th Aug Validate Your Non Linear Static Design with Nastran In-CAD English

You only need to register once and attend all the webinars in this series. 

Attend the webinar and win a 16 GB USB* by participating in the Q&A for each webinar.

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