AutoCAD Secrets Exposed


AutoCAD secrets exposed class is filled with time saving tips and tricks that you can use to increase productivity immediately, no matter what version you currently live in. If you’ve attended previous offerings of this class, you know there is always something you didn’t know you could do, so don’t miss out this year. I have many tips to expose, including a few tips from the new and exciting AutoCAD 2016 software. Some of the best and most production-enhancing tools have been introduced in recent upgrades. To take advantage of them, attend this class and discover what might take you years to discover on our own. Leave this class with the knowledge to dazzle your co-workers back home—a great way to ensure yourself a ticket to attend next year!

Published 2015 Autodesk University


Users of AutoCAD, or vertical products based on AutoCAD, who want to dig deep into what AutoCAD has to offer.




  • Learn tips and tricks from other AutoCAD users
  • Learn to use the newer tools for greater productivity
  • Learn about hidden tips that might take you years to discover
  • Get exposed to tips that apply to many versions of AutoCAD ranging from 2012 to 2016