About Autodesk Subscription

Autodesk subscription allows you to license Autodesk desktop software on a term basis to meet a variety of business needs and budget considerations. Annual and multi-year options offer cost savings for long-term software needs and monthly subscriptions are a short-term option for project-based work or hiring temporary staff.

Subscription Licensing Options

Both multi-user (network) and single-user (Named User) access licenses are available.

Internet Connection Requirements

For most of our desktop products on subscription, you don’t need to be online to use your software. The software runs on your computer, not on the web. An Internet connection is needed initially to install and activate your software.

  • Subscription with single-user access—For a subscription with single-user access, named users do need to connect to the Internet every 30 days and sign in to the software so we can keep your software up-to-date and verify that your subscription is still current (users will receive a reminder 7 days prior to having to reconnect).
  • Subscription with multi-user access—Subscriptions with multi-user access do not require an Internet connection for activation as licenses are assigned over a network by a network license server.
  • Cloud-based products and cloud services—Some of our software products also give you access to certain cloud services that are not installed on your computer. These may include optional services such as cloud rendering, collaboration tools, and secure storage. We also offer certain products that are available only as a cloud service. Cloud-based products require an Internet connection.

Term Length and Renewal

Subscriptions are available in 12, 24 and 36 months options. For renewals, you will receive renewal notifications 45, 30, and 4 days prior to expiration with renewal instructions.

Subscription Benefits

Subscription customers receive benefits such as access to the latest software and product enhancements, web and phone support, licensing rights such as Previous Version, Global Travel Rights, and Home Use Rights, and depending on the suite or product, access to select cloud services. The following table provides a summary of the key features and benefits.

Feature / Benefit

Autodesk Subscription

Key benefits
  • Access to the latest Autodesk software, updates and previous versions
  • Expanded access and installation rights Access to select cloud services
  • Technical support & exclusive subscriber communications
Term lengthsMonthly, annual, and multiyear terms available. Some options available from Authorized Resellers only.
License model
  • Subscription with single-user access—Named User term-based licenses, where a named user is an individual and may not be shared with any other individual.
  • Subscription with multi-user access—Network license model that allows a network license server to provide available licenses to any user on the network.
Global Travel RightsGlobal Travel Rights allow software use outside of the country of purchase when purchased in home country. If purchased outside home country, can only be used in the country of purchase.
Home Use RightsHome Use allows the Administrator or Named User to install software on multiple computers to be accessed by a Named User.
Previous Version RightsAutodesk Previous Version Rights
Cloud ServicesAccess to select cloud services based on offering purchased
Cloud Storage
  • 25GB with an active Subscription
  • Storage is reduced to 5GB upon expiration. You have 30 days after contract expiration to download data.
Cloud CreditsPurchasable in 100 packs for use at the contract level
Access to new software releases and enhancementsSubscribers receive notifications and have the option to download new releases and/or product enhancements.
SupportSubscribers have access to advanced support including web/email support and schedule a call. For more information, see Manage Technical Support Options.

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The information above was extracted from Autodesk Knowledge Network